All partners were involved in the production and the dissemination of the project results: Virtual bulletins/ walls were created with Smore – by all the partners; The opening of the project International Conference was held face-to-face, on 19th February 2020 at Galati, Romania with indirect participation of the partners who sent videos with greetings andContinuă lectura „Dissemination”

Project Activities

We have realized more activities using Web 2.0 innovative tools to achieve our goals.

Final Products

SWEETS BOOKLET – a collection of traditional sweets from all the partner countries on different holidays/ events created with storyjumper- SWEETS’ GLOSSARY SOCIAL INCLUSION AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – BEST PRACTICES This material was created following the theoretical and practical best practices teachers have acquired during the Short Staff Training in Braga, Portugal. ItContinuă lectura „Final Products”

Project Meetings

FIRST PROJECT MEETING BRASOV-25 -29th FEBRUARY, 2020 During the first project meeting, various aspects have been discussed: Presentation of the participants; Presentation of the project; Presentation of the objectives, methodology and work program; Planning of materials and documents to be elaborated during the project; Setting up of the project agenda and further activities; Planning contestContinuă lectura „Project Meetings”


This project is innovative because it intends to increase social inclusion skills both for teachers and students by activities that exploit traditional events and daily human life. By the activities proposed in the framework of this project, our goal is to diminish social exclusion on reasons of cultural, religious, ethnic, financial, educational differences. By involvingContinuă lectura „Innovation”


Students (Ss) will: develop abilities in finding solutions as a consequence of applying new technologies to make traditional products as a means of socialization, improve the quality of the education by sharing best practices among partners, acquire new knowledge in becoming desirable and more self-confident by participating in practical activities such as preparing desserts TeachersContinuă lectura „Objectives”

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