All partners were involved in the production and the dissemination of the project results: Virtual bulletins/ walls were created with Smore – by all the partners; The opening of the project International Conference was held face-to-face, on 19th February 2020 at Galati, Romania with indirect participation of the partners who sent videos with greetings andContinuă lectura „Dissemination”


Common activities made so far:
– the opening of the project International Conference held on 19th February 2020 at Galati, Romania with indirect participation of the partners who sent videos with greetings and
introductions, where local media and local school teachers were present.
– FIRST PROJECT MEETING at BRASOV -25 -29th FEBRUARY, 2020 where various aspects have been discussed: the presentation of the participants and of the project and setup
of the project agenda and further activities;
– Logo and poster contests where students uploaded their work on etwinning and the best were chosen by vote.
– International Language Day video shooting;
– Codeweek where students had to draw sweets using different pixel art, mandala, using any innovative and artistic IT tool. For all the activities here we got the Certificate of
Excellence for our project;
– a Kahoot realized by the coordinator and played by students on a common meeting on 9th February 2021 on Safer Internet Day.
Collaborative products made so far:
– Our final main product, the EU Sweets Booklet, which we decided to make it bigger as initially established was started and the first chapter was finished. It was created with
Storyjumper and it can be accessed here We decided to start writing it now as it should have been started
during C2 blended mobility and not to lose time. During C 1 and C2 mobilities we will continue working at it. We will write it as a many-chaptered one and the first chapter was about
Christmas and New Year’s Day recipes made by students. We will add chapters as important holidays and events will come in each country. We have different religions: Orthodox,
Catholic and Muslim and consequently, we will have separate chapters with unique holidays but worth adding them. It will be a complete guide with recipes and pictures which can
also be used as a didactic tool.
– 1st Year Activities Newsletter made with Canva, where every partner completed their part with their local activities. The coordinator completed the common ones.
– Common Needs Analysis with the teachers’ and students’ needs about social inclusion and personal development was made in each institution and then a common analysis
report at the partnership level was realized by the coordinator together with the Portuguese partner to be used for the staff course in Portugal (C4). Based on the report, the
organizers and facilitators will draw the outline of the course to be held, when it is possible, hopefully this summer. It is uploaded on our website.
– Students’ Chatterpix and Voki introductions published on our WhatsApp group and etwinning.
– 2021 Calendars made by students using PhotoFunia and uploaded on etwinning and whatsapp group.
– A common video called Sweet Taste of Languages, made with Animo, containing one traditional recipe from each country both in English and in their native language and
uploaded on Facebook page of the event LinguaFest IX Week 2020 and on youtube at
– etwinning project where every partner completes the Pages with their activities.
– a Linoit with students’ Christmas and New Year’s day wishes
– an Emaze virtual exhibition with the project activities
– project website and blog
– Facebook page
Local activities:
– Erasmus Days events in Romania (Galati and Brasov) and Turkey
– Codeweek activities in each school
– Halloween sweets/artistic/pumpkin contests in Romania (Galati and Brasov)
– Sweets preparation videos made at school or at home before and during winter holidays – all the partners
– Sweets cooking demonstrations by the older students – Italy
– Children’s Rights Day, 20th November Webinar (Galati)
– Smore virtual bulletin – all the partners
– International Tolerance Day webinar – Galati
– World Disability Day activity which tried to raise awareness on tolerance and acceptance and non-discrimination – Galati
Zoom online meetings were held with the local coordinators, a Facebook page was created, a website
was realized on where we uploaded all the activities and products, a blog was also made, a WhatsApp
group was created, with 134 participants at the moment, both teachers and students, from all the countries, where socialization was made and recipes were exchanged, etwinning
project registration which can serve as a website as everything is uploaded there, too. We got the parents’ permits for all the students involved in the project to publish their work or
image on the internet.

Final Products

Sweets Booklet – a collection of traditional sweets from all the partner countries on different holidays/ events created with storyjumper- The first chapter completed. 1st Newsletter – with the 1st year activities Emaze virtual exhibition European Language Day video – a bilingual video with traditional recipes from all the partner countries, also uploadedContinuă lectura „Final Products”

Project Meetings

FIRST PROJECT MEETING BRASOV-25 -29th FEBRUARY, 2020 During the first project meeting, various aspects have been discussed: Presentation of the participants; Presentation of the project; Presentation of the objectives, methodology and work program; Planning of materials and documents to be elaborated during the project; Setting up of the project agenda and further activities; Planning contestContinuă lectura „Project Meetings”


This project is innovative because it intends to increase social inclusion skills both for teachers and students by activities that exploit traditional events and daily human life. By the activities proposed in the framework of this project, our goal is to diminish social exclusion on reasons of cultural, religious, ethnic, financial, educational differences. By involvingContinuă lectura „Innovation”


Students (Ss) will: develop abilities in finding solutions as a consequence of applying new technologies to make traditional products as a means of socialization, improve the quality of the education by sharing best practices among partners, acquire new knowledge in becoming desirable and more self-confident by participating in practical activities such as preparing desserts TeachersContinuă lectura „Objectives”

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